Buy These: Converse’s New Chuck Taylor All-Star II


As a long time fan of Converse, I finally gave up on them a couple of years ago when I decided they were not only really cold in anything less than a heat wave and then they were too hot, they were also pretty uncomfortable. As trainers become more fashionable they replaced Converse as the casual footwear of choice.

But now Converse have very cleverly re-invented the good old All Star by adding a a nonslip padded tongue and a Nike Lunarlon (they are owned by Nike – who knew?) liner to the footbed. Which is a foam-padded insole, in layman terms.

They are also made from a new fabric — the thin canvas that made them so cold has been replaced by Tencel canvas, a thick material that adds rigidity to the formerly flimsy shape.

Honestly whats not love?

These red ones have my name written all over them….9012987854878You can buy them here.



  • Malika says:

    the leather ones are fab too – I have the white ones and they don’t get as dirty as the fabric ones. Or at least they are wipe clean!

  • Sarah says:

    I read once Jane Birkin said she used sheepskin liners in hers, what’s good enough for Jane..

  • Jane says:

    like you say Sarah – if they’re good enough for Jane……
    J x

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