Life’s Too Short by Janet Street Porter


Ms Street Porter is a marmite sandwich, you either love her or hate her and we quite often swing between the two emotions, but we do admire her strong point of view and she is definitely redefining what it is to be older now she is 60 something.

For someone who seems to have spent a lot of her life associated with “Yoof” she is one to watch when it comes to older role models and how refreshing is it to have someone who is managing to look interesting and stylish without resorting to cling-film face lifts?

Never short of an opinion, she has written a few words of wisdom on lessons in life for the over 60s

Life’s to F***ing Short, now out in paperback. The Women’s Room hasn’t read it yet (but has ordered it from Amazon) as it was brought to our attention today by The Times, who ran a few of her amusing quotes such as;

“To hell with growing older gracefully. I don’t know the meaning of “graceful”. It’s there at the top of my list of banned words and phrases, along with “sensible” and “form an orderly queue”.

“Live in the moment. Put time and effort into those who are important to you now instead of trawling through Friends Reunited looking for people you were at school with 40 years ago. And Facebook? Don’t get me started”

“Refuse to go to dinner without knowing whom you’ll be sitting next to. Life really is too short to talk to people who are dull.”

As we said, she’s not short of an opinion and we need strong leaders to shake up the traditional view on aging, so all good stuff. And is it us or does she look so much better now than she ever did back in her younger glory days? Her calmer-but-still-colourful glamour is rocking now she’s found her fashion groove, we hope there will be some fashion tips in the book too.


The Times also appears to be runinng a regular video called Words From The Wise on its website where you can tune in for more wisdom from oldies.

Words from the Wise

Life’s Too F***ing Short

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