Move Over Handbags, Wellness Is The New Must-Have For Grown Ups

There is an elephant in the room with all the empowering, fabulous looking, super-stylish instagram and blog posts we see on older women currently, its the lack of discussion about how getting older hurts. As our fashion hero Iris Apfel said in her recent book, “When you get older, if you have two of anything, chances are one of them is going to hurt when you get up in the morning”.

Yes, we’re breaking barriers with the way we look and the jobs we’re creating and our travel adventures, but we need to address the issue that older bodies haven’t always had the email that we’re not ‘doing ageing’.

Every article I’ve been reading on health, food and wellness (and man, have there been loads of those) makes it clear that exercise is the new super-food, forget your goji berry smoothie, just upping your daily steps is almost guaranteed to add years to your life and make you healthier. While no one is quite sure what the best way to eat healthily actually is, (vegan? clean? paleo? low carb?) being fit and healthy is undoubtably the new lifestyle goal, old or young. No point having that wonderful modernist house with its perfect Scandi interior and the on-trend house plants if you’re crumpled in an aching lardy lump just out of shot.

But what happens if your joints are playing up and trying to ‘do’ wellness hurts? I have a thumb-base ache that has been getting worse over the last few months, it’s a form of arthritis (my mum had it too) and it got to the stage where I was considering pain killers before heading off to yoga. When Neo G approached us to consider their Daily Defence Joint Health liquid supplement for a sponsored post*, It couldn’t have been more timely, so I agreed to a four month trial.

I’d never heard of Neo G, but it’s a leading orthopaedic support specialist and is the place to head to if you need to support an injured limb. However, it’s the liquid vitamin supplements that I’ve been taking, full of balanced-to-my-needs calcium, vitamin D, copper and glucosamine chondroitin, and guess what? Much to my surprise (I rarely believe any marketing hype) it’s worked. My thumb pain has significantly reduced, by 70% at least and there’s much more movement. On some days I forget I’ve got a problem,  I’ve gone from sharp, burny pain to a slight, dull ache in around two months.

How does it work? The idea is to actively target older joints and bones with age-relevant supplies of calcium, vit D and copper in order to keep active for longer as we reach 40, 50 and 60 plus. Brittle bones and dodgy joints are an issue as we get older, and women (predictably) are at a higher risk. Each dose is properly balanced, so you don’t need to take a multitude of tablets and because the supplement is a liquid, the minerals and vitamins are absorbed more thoroughly. The body absorbs 98% of liquid supplements compared to 39-53% of capsules and more quickly, in just two to three minutes compared with over 30 minutes with solid pills.

I am not a medical person, so I was anxious to know if my rapid improvement may be in some way mind-over-matter. Operations and marketing manager Helen Gee, assured me that things would only continue to improve “By providing your body, immune system, bones and joints the ingredients needed to repair and protect themselves whilst maintaining a healthy diet and active lifestyle you will undoubtedly continue to feel the benefits.” Stronger bones and joints, what’s not to like?

She also stated that although we might think we’re eating well, chances are we are not getting our daily needs on key vitamin and mineral groups as we get older, UK health surveys regularly highlight that many of us don’t eat our five fruit and veg portions daily or heed advice to eat two portions of oily fish weekly. And prevention really does help here.

Everything contained in the Neo G Daily Defence range, from the formulations, to the bottle, cap and labels are also all made in the UK. It’s something the brand are proud of. Helen continued “The vitamins and minerals we have used are ethically sourced and where available natural too (we will always prioritise the natural version). For example: Vitamin D is available in 2 forms. Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3. Vitamin D2 is a manmade substance that the body finds harder to absorb and utilise, whereas Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) is the natural ‘sunshine’ form that we have used.”

All I can say here is that it worked for me, although it’s anything but delicious. The brand says it has a ‘great tasting lemon flavour’ but it looks and tastes more like something Tim Peake would have been forced to slug back on the space station, a toffee coloured sludge reminiscent of a melted Werther’s Original. But we’re not doing this for fun, we’re doing it to ensure we live our very best lives, for as long as we can while looking fabulous. I’m certainly a convert.

Buy the Daily Defence Joint Health from Boots, (who have a 3 for 2 offer on as I write).

*This is a partnership post with Neo G, who have paid for us to write this. All our sponsorship partners are brands we either use ourselves or we thoroughly approve of. As with all supplements, check with your doctor if you have allergies or you are combining with other medication.


  • Lindsey Parkin says:

    How right you are – wellness is essential and thank you for posting about this. Its just what I need and had no idea existed – I always forget to take vitamins etc.

  • Helen says:

    Oh my gosh – “aching, lardy lump” – that’s EXACTLY how it feels, two years into the menopause!! I never realised joint aches and pains were also part of this particular hell, along with the other usual suspects. So I may well give this a go, thanks for the tip.

  • Amanda says:

    I hear ya helen, it’s definitely helped my thumb, hope it helps you. x

  • Amanda says:

    Lindsey, got to stay healthy, no doubt about that and much as we all think we eat a healthy balanced diet, I’m not sure we’re always consistent about it, so should go for all the help we can get IMHO! A

  • Amazing, this bit of composing is pleasant. keep sharing .

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