Pants to cellulite: Marks & Spencer’s new knickers


Now this is what we call useful science. Marks and Spencer is selling (from March) a pair of pants that will actually reduce your cellulite. I kid you not.

The Anti-Cellulite Thigh Slimmer underwear range contains a secret chemical ingredient that will make you loose weight. Admittedly the pants need to be worn almost every day for six weeks before you start to see a difference and need to be sprayed daily with a can of the magic formula, but we reckon it sounds a whole lot less trouble than the weekly trip to the gym.

Not only will the Skintex formula reduce your cellulite but additional vitamin E and apricot kernel oil and something called red algae (which sounds more like an unwelcome STD than the skin texture improver it claims to be) will make your bum super smooth and gorgeous, presumably in preparation for you flashing your new look derriere at every opportunity.

The pants are £19.50 and come complete with spray and instructions. We haven’t tried them yet, but knowing the rigorous tests M&S puts its new fabrics through, the claims will be based in solid research. Apparently 77% of the women in the clinical trials noticed an improvement. Our instant thought was ‘why stop at pants? Lets have a complete body suit!’ but one can only assume M&S are being sensible and taking it slow. We can but hope.

Available online and from selected store from March. We’ll keep you posted.

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