We Love: Lucia van der Post’s idea


In this Saturday’s Times LUXX magazine, the veteran writer on all things fashion and good taste Lucia van der Post wrote a good article on why she’d never go near a range of clothes ‘aimed at the older women” (we think she’s probably seen the Portfolio range at M&S). Instead she recommends hunting out a good personal shopper who can pick out the best pieces from the multitude of clothes out there, reminding us that this service from department stores such as Liberty and Selfridges is often free.

Lucia is mostly talking about designer labels (this was the LUXX section of the pull outs, after all) and even if the service is free, shopping in these top end designers stores is often ‘special event’ only, but Lucia’s idea got us thinking.


Wouldn’t it be neat if the high street brands such as Topshop, Oasis, New Look and H&M had a service for us women over 40, where someone of our age could cherry pick the best pieces for us? I know lots of women who would love to shop in these fashion emporiums, but are too frightened of looking stupid with their choices to try. Wouldn’t that be useful? And wouldn’t we spend a fortune?


Lucia’s article for LUXX magazine wasn’t up when we wrote this, but plenty more of her previous articles were, so give them a read and keep checking back for Saturday’s to appear.

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