Shopping with experts: Cocomaya


Not quite fashion,we know, but with Easter around the corner we thought you might like to hear about Cocomaya, a charming little chocolate store in London. Not your average sweet shop this, there is a resident chocolatier Jonathan Deddis, who spends his day composing delicious new chocolate combinations. No one ever told us we could do this as a job, if we hadn't been so obsessed by clothes this could have been an interesting career choice. Smart chocolate stores are opening all over the place.

We like it because it is such a pretty shop with terrific windows and lovely displays, the chocolates are unusual and delicious. Deddis only uses organic or fare trade cocoa beans, including a rare South American single estate bean (yes we are still on chocolate, everything needs an interesting provenance nowadays, not enough just to be chocolate any more) and the Mangari bean from Madagascar. Whatever, they taste good but they are not cheap, from £12 to £140 for a box, but the packaging is gorgeous, so good for special presents.

35 Connaught St
London, W2 2AZ
020 77062770


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