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There’s something very current about about the way Anne Bancroft looked in the 60s hit The Graduate, seducing the fresh faced Dustin Hoffman. That sense of grooming, careful makeup and smokey eyes not to mention the grown up lingerie we talked about a couple of days ago. You could pick her up and drop her into Harvey Nichols and she’d be right at home looking at the Lanvin and Donna Karan. She wore a fabulous leopard print coat in the film we rather covet and would fit right into autumn 2009 trends…

The whole idea of modern older women seducing younger freshman was cemented by Bancroft in the film and even this seems to resonate today, what with Madonna running round with young Jesus. She’s an icon for our time, regardless that the film is 43 years old, she put older women on the map as something other than invisible. For this we salute her.

In researching Mrs Robinson, we came across an intriguing website, the Mrs Robinson Society, a select and slightly secretive San Francisco based blog that encourages readers to submit their own ideas of what today’s Mrs Robinson is all about. We liked  this entry…”Mrs. Robinson is not the first woman you would be drawn to at a party.She will artfully attract you in for a little frisson of pleasure when she lifts her proverbial petticoat (see! we knew they were important) to show you what she’s got. Mrs. Robinson is prepared to provoke, presenting you with delicious tidbits at just the right moment. Whether they be truffles or perfect words of wisdom, you will surely remember her tomorrow.”

If you’re visiting San Francisco you might like to check out the restaurants and bars Mrs Robinson frequents….

The Mrs Robinson Society



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