We Love: Advanced Style


Some time ago I started a blog celebrating the unique style of older people. I love the eccentricity and often crazy style of the elderly, who have found their own individual way of dressing and are unrestricted by the boundaries of fashion. Whether it be classic and refined or weird and unconventional, I find their outfits inspiring and liberating and will revel in developing my own brand of groovy granny chic when the time comes.

The Advanced Style blog is a street style blog which sets out to prove that personal style advances with age. Featuring older stylish people mainly from the US, this blog is a fine example of how truly fabulous and slightly insane, older style can be.

Sadly I didn't have time to continue my blog, but we are thinking of introducing a Womens Room older Style Icon category, using real people. Maybe our older relatives or people we see on the street.
So if you are out and about and see anyone you think looks amazing, ask them if you can take their picture. As long as you are flattering, they will probably love it. But remember, there is only one rule. They must be over 60!

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