We hate: Silly Styling


And while we're at it Nicole, can you get your window dresser to straighten the stripes? Better still get them to take them off.

We've been ranting a bit here on TWR about daft, over-the-top-ness when trying a little bit too hard to look fashionable. There was all that silly vertiginous shoe wear at Fashion Week, the madness of shoulders so wide and upholstered that you struggle to get through doorways without standing sideways and now we have socks to deal with.

We spotted this unflattering calf length (not even knee length, you'll notice) sock styling in one of our favourite stores, Nicole Farhi. Ms Farhi is a bastion of good taste and refined elegance usually, her clothes are expensive but lovely and she is definitely 'one of us' in terms of her age. So what's with the crazy sock thing? Hands up anyone who considers this a good look.

Strangely, this comes to light on the morning when Charlotte, one of our Tokyo readers (yes, really, we have readers in Tokyo!) got in touch to ask what she should make of the strange habit Japanese women have of wearing everything with knee high socks, even women of our age. She found it most disconcerting, particularly since generally Japanese women are incredibly elegant and very well turned out. We can only assume it's a cultural thing.

We're all for a bit of eccentricity here at TWR but can you imagine putting on one of Nicole's silk digital print dresses (which cost upwards of £350), standing in front of the mirror and thinking "You know what? this dress really needs a pair of shunken calf length socks to complete the look". We don't think so.

We hate to moan but really, someone's got to say it. Nicole, get a grip, your clothes don't need crazy socks. Leave that to the Japanese.

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