We love; The Chelsea Flower Show


Its almost that time of year again when it’s vital to know your renunculas from your roses.
The Chelsea Flower Show starts on the 19th of May and is always a favourite day out for us. 
Somehow it brings out the best of all that is British. Eccentric WI ladies from the home counties showing off their knowledge of Latin plant names, passionate gardeners and lovely stylish gay men, mingle with hoardes of mums and daughters spending the day bonding over potting compost and Pimms.

It never fails to inspire us to be a little more adventurous in our garden and we always try to look out for the key trends and colours running throughout the show. This years highlights include;
‘The Daily Telegraph Garden’, designed by Swedish designer Ulf Nordfjell, who will erect a minimalist structure of glass and timber to showcase the work of Swedish artists.

The ‘Quilted Velvet Garden’, by Tony Smith, will have one half raised and the other sunken and promises to be a dramatic space that contrasts spiky, sculptural yukkas and mauve busy lizzies, with a minimalist area reminiscent of a public memorial.

‘The Key’ garden, designed by Paul Stone, is created by the Eden Project, working with homeless people and ex prisoners. Planted to represent a symbolic journey from darkness into light, it will have paths mulched with thousands of old keys.

The ‘Perfume Garden’by Laurie Chetwood and Patrick Collins is inspired by a perfume created 400 years ago for Elizabeth I. It began with a visit to Grasse to recreate the queen’s perfume with the help of French perfume house Jean Patou, and each plant in the garden has a role to play in the creation of scent. It will include an area where visitors can try the contemporary version of Elizabeth I’s perfume for themselves.

There are still tickets available and the show runs until the 23rd of May, but if you cant make it, the BBC’s coverage is almost as good as being there, without the crowds!

RHS Chelsea
Royal Hospital,
London SW3 4SR


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