Shopping with experts: Tanya Sarne at John Lewis

Tanya Sarne purple trouser outfit high res

Ask anyone (female) in the UK fashion industry over 40 about Ghost, the clothing label started by Tarnia Sarne back in the 80s and you’ll probably get an answer that goes “Oh, one of my favourite dresses in an old Ghost one, I’ve had it years and still wear it” or words to that effect. It was (Sarne left the brand in 2006) the place to go for clothes that were a touch romantic, colourful (although there was always black) and impossible to crease. The fabrication was the stuff of legend, Sarne discovered a process whereby seemingly unwearable woody viscose fabric was softened, shaped and shrunk into softly draping and cleverly cut designs that became wardrobe staples for every woman. The cut and style was such that everyone, slender or curvey could wear them and since they never creased they were taken on every holiday.

Sarne left Ghost, which had grown into a multi million pound company, to do something smaller and get back to her roots, but she can’t keep out of fashion and we’re pleased to see that she has teemed up with John Lewis to do a capsule collection of styles for 10 stores. She is using the same fabric, same manufacturers and patterns as she always has done, but we notice the prices are very reasonable (Ghost was always quite expensive). The camisole above is £39.50, the trousers £79.50, the aubergine jacket £95, the rose slip dress is £85 and the cover jacket £89.50. There are some great dresses too.

Check yout local John Lewis to see if they stock it but the range is out now and selling fast.

John Lewis

Tanya Sarne purple outfit high res

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