Rimmel Sun Shimmer

Coty sun shimmer

Don’t get us wrong, we are not advocating the WAG/Jordan orange look, but there are certain occasions when lily white meets pale lilac is not a good look. Some outfits or events require a little light colour on the legs or face to add that certain something and this is just the product to do it.

Forget those messy, apply now see the colour later, expensive tanning creams. Unless you have you very own in house beautician, they simply end up streaky and unnatural looking. This little miracle is applied like make up and mixed with a little moisturiser goes on evenly and easily, leaving just a light natural looking colour. It washes off in the shower, so there is none of that hideous patchy residue, you get with other tanning creams.
At only £3.50 (it’s practically free !!) it’s perfect for those tanning emergencies. There’s only one draw back, it isn’t water proof, so don’t get caught in the rain!


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