Readers kitchens: Massimo Del Carlo


OK, so this isn't a real reader's kitchen, it's an art installation we saw when we were at the Art Biennale in Venice a couple of weekends ago, but we think they may have got the idea from our feature…..

The installation makes up part of the very, very dark Nordic and Danish Pavillion, which was curated and staged by artists Elmgreen & Dragset. The porcelain collection here belongs to Massimo Del Carlo, who we are sure is a very nice person, we certainly love his plate collection. It's not clear if he designed the installation, but we're going to pretend that he did, and we are also going to pretend that we interviewed him…..


Who: Massimo Del Carlo

Where: The Danish and Nordic Pavillion, Art Biennale,Venice

What do you do in your kitchen and who with? "I do nothing in my kitchen but look at my plates. They are beautiful. So beautiful I want to surround myself with them. I have no friends so the plates are everything to me. I spend my time carefully arranging them in little vignets, it takes a lot of thought.

I have no food in my kitchen as my mother was a fashion editor and banned it from the house when I was small, instead I keep plates in the oven and in the fridge. Sometimes I allow a jug or a small bowl to be displayed too. It adds energy."

How would you describe your style? "Mad as a box of brilliant frogs."

What is your favourite and most useful item? "My favourite item is my tape measure, which you can not see in the pictures because it would unbalance the creative vibe. I measure EXACTLY the spaces between each plate and jug, everything must be just SO, I am very controlling. The most useful item to me is my assistant Jan, who interprets my vision and does all the work."

Thank you Massimo.


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