A Post Full of Indigo

bolier suits brickett davda

The Brickett Davda team, rocking their indigo boilersuits

I promise I’ll shut up about indigo after this post, but fashion brands have really gone wild for my favourite colour this season and as we know, best to grab the highlights while we can because next season/year might see a dearth of wearable styles (looking at you again 1970…) So here’s a round up of clothes I’ve seen and loved over the last week or two.

First up though, a word about boiler suits. I’ve read a multitude of articles singing the praises of the all-in-one recently from people who have clearly never worn one. Do by all means invest if you fancy it, we never say never here at TWR (although there are sensible exceptions concerning style, obvs!) but remember to consider the following; 1) you will need to completely remove all clothes in order to take a wee 2) overheating, with no way of cooling dawn without resorting to near-nudity 3) what the heck to wear over it when under-heated.

Now before all jumpsuit wearing lovers fire off a stream of verbal at me (hello @VivGroskop) some people can rock the look, see the Brickett Davda team above, who do all their ceramic work wearing boiler suits (Jo gets hers from Portobello Market) and look awesome. Our friend Sue Barrett, who has just launched Worn, a men’s vintage and street-style trend magazine, claims they are the most comfortable thing she has ever worn and buys hers on Ebay.

I’m just saying, proceed with caution. The very best jumpsuit I’ve seen is from MiH Jeans, below, which gets the loose-but-not-channelling-the-bin-man look perfectly. This is the one I might buy.

mih all in oneWhile we are on MiH, which is my current favourite casual clothes brand, I did buy this indigo-print shirt, below, which is lightweight, wonderfully bottom covering but with a non-frumpy shorter front. I love it, buy here.

mih indigoIf that seems a bit much to spend on a shirt then this indigo linen one from Zara at £39.99 is a fabulous investment for the quality. It has a crisp smartness – note the tan coloured top stitching which elevates it nicely – and is the perfect weight for a summer shirt. Gorgeous and I suspect, a wardrobe classic. There’s a great denim kaftan too but I couldn’t find it on line, you’ll have to go old-school and visit a shop for it.

zara shirtAnyone normal size though (the Zara shirt only goes up to a Zara-sized large) might like to visit Toast, which gets the prize for ‘best indigo collection’ this season. It has some lovely denim-inspired pieces currently, including this smartly cut denim shirt, below, There’s a painterly over-sized shirt, the Kazuko slub denim trousers, a sweet denim tunic dress with an interesting neckilne and the smarter Hiro denim dress which I may have to have. There is even a jumpsuit. Well done Toast.

mori shirtIf you want something a little more boho-luxe, its back to MiH for this pretty blouse, which works brilliantly not tucked in (you may remember my recent issues with this)

mih shirtIf you want to seriously invest, then look to Acne Studios, where this Kate raw denim pleated skirt with leather trimmed belt loops is tugging at my heart strings. I mean, it’s smart, practical, probs v hard wearing and flattering, it’s almost value-for-money, right? The jacket is also covetable, but it’s really the skirt that would become a timeless classic I reckon.

acne skirt

Finally, I haven’t yet bought a pair of MHL Painter’s jeans, done in collaboration with Edwin jeans but everyone I speak to whose style I like, including Sue Barrett and Bleu Anglais’s Noel Chapman, recommend these as brilliantly comfortable and flattering to wear. And thanks to Sue for highlighting the new denim brand Story, which takes a long time over its gorgeous indigo fabrics in order to get them just perfect in terms of look and style. See the shirt below. We thoroughly approve.

replacementIf you are not entirely exhausted by everything indigo, we’ve also got a Pinterest board full of indigo with more style inspiration here.


  • Belinda says:

    I bought the fabbest denim shirt form the men’s range at Uniqlo a few weeks ago. Have had SO MANY compliments on it, and it was the vast price of £29.99. Which means it’s totally OK to splurge on that Acne skirt, no?

  • Amanda says:

    Oooh, will look that up, thanks B Ax

  • Sarah says:

    Just gorgeous – esp. the shirts.

  • Monix says:

    Love the shirt you bought ( pet hate? To go on a website that doesn’t tell you what their sizes are- so on the MiH site is the large size a 12/14/16? ). Apart from the silk ones do you think the quality really warrants the premium price? I bought a cotton blouse very like the peasant MiH blouse, but for £70 at J Crew….
    Adore the Toast collection especially as their sizing is so erratic I fit into a size 12 jeans ( not been there since I was err…twelve years old!).

  • Sue says:

    MiH is my current secret addiction. I love your silk shirt ( I was eyeing up the shirt dress in the same print/fabric, but must , must not buy it… ). Just my opinion, Monix, but I do think their stuff is worth shelling out for because you will find yourself wearing it all the time…( I’d say an M in MiH is approx. standard to generous UK 12? ).

  • Amanda says:

    I think MIH is a tad pricey, Mon, but everything I’ve bought has been excellent and very wearable. I’m off to look at Belinda’s Uniqlo suggestion…Ax

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