We love, or do we? the new COS website


We love everything about COS, the clothes are just perfect for our age group. Beautifully designed, subtle colour palettes, good quality fabrics and all reasonably priced. Which is great if you live in London, certain parts of Europe and most recently Birmingham, but frustrating if you live anywhere else and would love to buy their clothes.
We were a little over excited to discover they had launched a new website, which includes sections on their shop interiors, an overview of the ranges and the things that are inspiring them. The site looks beautiful, it sums up the brands design philosophy perfectly and has lots of fabulous images of the clothes and how to wear them. But why cant we buy online?  Surely the ability to purchase the product is a given for any successful clothing site. 

Could someone at COS let us know why, as we have lots of readers desperate to buy?

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