Save the date: Margaret Howell sample sale

Going to a Margaret Howell sample sale is like a twice yearly family gathering. It's always the same people at every sale. Everyone there is over 40 and already has cupboards full of Margaret Howell clothes but just can't resist the chance of buying more at a bargain price. We all buy pretty much the same styles every time, only ever so slightly different.

And that's fine! MH clothes are beautifully made in quality fabrics (some of which are sold by the metre at the sale) in styles that we love and make us feel like the hip art students we all believe we really are inside, they are just stonkingly expensive at full price.

Margaret, if you are reading this can we suggest that you set up a small on-site cafe so we could get to know the people we are on nodding terms with every time we turn up for a sale? We know we're going to like them because we're all part of the Margaret Howell Sale Appreciation Society. See you there!

Margaret Howell

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