Trend Alert: Jade is the new red!


As we have said before, colour is a great way to add interest to an otherwise dull outfit and something it's easy to get away with as we get older.  We have never been fans of high maintenance WAG nails, but we do think nicely shaped, not too long nails, are a great way to add colour to an outfit. 

The latest must have colour for nails is Jade green, first shown at the Chanel catwalk collection. It seems designer Karl Lagerfeld wanted a green tint which would resonate with the jade tones of the Chanel collection. He was shown ten different shades of green, before picking the Jade, as it matched a tweed suit from the collection!   

Its due in the shops in October, but there is already a waiting list. So we think we'll be buying the Barry M version from Top Shop.

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