+J for Uniqlo: here’s what we thought


So, we joined the very civilised queue at the Westfield store and had a good long rummage through the +J range for Uniqlo. Our verdict? It's fab. Oh! that all collaborations between brands /retailers/whoever were as good as this. The best thing about it is the stupendous quality of fabric and finish, the great fit (how has she done this?) and the attention to detail for such a good price. It's pared down classic perfection. Other retailers please take note.

While we're at it, since The Women's Room has now been to more of these mad designer collaboration days than we care to mention (Comme des Garcons and H&M, Kate Moss for Topshop, Celia Birtwell for Topshop, it goes on…) we thought we'd jot down a few tips, since not everyone at the sale this morning realised what they were letting themselves in for (the charming, older, polite crowd of Sander enthusiasts were a little taken aback at the pace of things -clearly novices).

Tip 1– Get there early and queue, not stupidly early that you need a sleeping bag and flasks of tea, but certainly well before the opening time, at Uniqlo this morning the first wave on enthusiasts were allowed in, but as soon as the store filled up, entry was regulated on a one in one out system until things calmed down. You don't want to be on the outside looking in.

Tip 2– Do not dither with your choice once you are in. Grab first and think afterwards, you can always put stuff back and you will be surprised how vicious even very close friends can become when there's only one size 12 left. (Although we were very impressed with how polite this morning's crew were, 'I think you had this first' , 'No really I think it was you', it's not normally this nice).

Tip 3– If you do not pick up your first choice quickly enough, do not panic, you will find that about ten minutes into the madness, people will start abandoning clothes left right and centre, so watch out for who might have what you want and stalk them. Really, this is perfectly acceptable behaviour. Crazy, obviously, but acceptable in these circumstances.

Tip 4– Don't worry about the changing rooms, there will be a huge queue, just make sure you wear clothes that allow for the wriggling on of additional styles in a desperate attempt to check fit. At +J women were seen stripped down to their knickers on the shop floor, without a care, in order to try on trousers without joining the snaking queue. The Women's Room started up our own little community upstairs in the Westfield store where we decamped outside the CLOSED changing rooms (not enough staff…yep, don't get us started) and cheerily worked through our selection.

Tip 5- Check the changing room for returns and remember there is probably more stuff out the back. Wait for the first wave of trying on to finish and raid the return rail. People also abandon stuff when they are queing up to pay as they tot up what it's all going to cost and panic, so prowl here too. Uniqlo staff were brilliant this morning, really helpful and friendly, this is MOST UNUSUAL (see our last post on H&M) and we applaud them greatly for it.

Tip 6- Rember, it's only clothes, keep calm and keep your sense of humour at all times.



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