We love:Dominic Wilcox


One of Dominic Wilcox's lovely modern ink stamps   
On the eve of the fancy London art fair Frieze, the Women's Room would like to bring you our own top tip on an artist we love. His name is Dominic Wilcox and he is a combination of artist and product designer. You know how sometimes you see a great idea and think, 'oh that's clever, I wish I'd thought of that'? Well Dominic's work is that sort of thing. He has just finished a rather lovely installation for The London Design Festival called Field, where he made a window full of Terra Plana shoe laces look as if they were growing and the gold plated luxury skimming stones have hit right at the heart of Middleagedad, who fancies himself as a skimming stone god.

Check out Dominic's website for the many simple but clever ideas he has been working on, we think that the ink stamps with wonderfully modern disclaimers on (as above) are perfect Christmas presents, and the totally fascinating black leather orgasmatron washing machine is making us rethink domestic appliances (we also love the Losing Your Virginity Room specially commissioned project). We have no idea how much anything costs as young Dominic is a little shy of answering emails, but we suspect the little gifty ideas would not break the bank. Lovely stuff.

Dominic Wilcox


Dominic Wilcox's luxury gold plated skimming stones with leather carrying pouch.

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