Fashion’s Front Line by Nilgin Yusuf and Niall McInerney

Strange as it may seem to today’s digital natives, there was a time when behind-the-scenes at a fashion catwalk show was a place few got to see. Before Instagram and slick marketing departments, BTS coverage was pretty much non existent.

So, for any fashion lover, Nilgin Yusuf and Niall McInerney book Fashion’s Front Line makes for a deliciously indulgent trawl through catwalk shows of importance from the 20th century. If you didn’t have a front row seat, or perhaps did and therefore might be in some of the terrific photography from the shows, this is a book you’ll love. The richness of imagery and informed text from Yusuf make for exciting reading.

McInerney’s photographs, many of which have never been seen before capture both the sense of style and the atmosphere at the shows we’re all still talking about. From the Thierry Mugler ball gown romp of 1984 (my fav images from the book) to the stark architectural drama of Rei Kawakubo’s early 80 reverential walks, via John Galliano’s Japanese collection of 1994 (full of fresh faced super models, pre fame) and everything in between. If you are a fashion follower and love the whole catwalk theatre thing, this is a dreamy book you’ll love to linger over.
Fashion’s Front Line: Fashion Show Photography from the Runway to Backstage


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