Martha moments: Pumpkins

Dean & Delucca display of giant pumpkins in SoHo New York

It's clearly a very US orientated week this week, what with our New New Yorker posts on what it's like to live in the big apple and the arrival in London of our very favourite American store Anthropologie. And now The Women's Room is actually reporting from New York (half term break) and totally loving what they do with pumpkins.

Pumpkins are everywhere here, on doorsteps, in windows, on display in shops, restaurants and anywhere there's a spare bit of sidewalk, as they say here. We've been offered pumpkin beer, frozen yoghurt (an acquired taste), pumpkin cookies as well as plain old pumpkin pie. Martha Stewart, our much loved ex jailbird queen of all things domestic is busy carving them up on her TV show. They are such beautiful vegetables, brightly coloured and very robust, we think we should use them more in the UK and follow our American friends' lead on making the most of them.

Pumpkins feature large in the Halloween festivities here and then extend their interest into Thanksgving in November, so it's just as well they are long lived as a vegetable. We think they are fab and are determined to grow some interesting ones next year, for display rather than eating though. We're still not convinced they taste that good, anyone got a tasty recipe?

Pump 02
Doorstep display

Pump 03
Crosby Street hotel display

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