We love: Miss Rae Jones, now available to buy online

We’ve talked about our friend Rachel before, she designs lovely shoes, which until now you’ve had to work quite hard to buy. Now she’s got her act together and launched the website, everyone can play.

Amanda has bought these baby pink nubuck brougues at £199, completely impractical in terms of the colour but utterly gorgeous in terms of love-ability. I have to try to overcome the urge to stroke them as they sit in front of me here while I write. Even though they are pink, they are not at all girly, being firmly grounded by the mottled chocolate brown laces and soles. They are also lined in a dark violet-grey leather and are very comfortable.

Pink? I hear you say…what will you wear them with? Well navy blue dresses that are a tiny bit tailored and strict looking as the pink will soften the look and I think also floral summer dresses, to give them a bit more edge. Off to spray them with Scotchguard now….

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