My favourite dress: Amanda’s Jaeger kimono shift

Kimono dress 
A week or so ago we were reading comments from TWR reader Cathy about her favourite Ally Capellino dress. Jane thought it would be a great idea to feature our favourite dresses, and get our readers to send us in their's too. So here's mine for starters.

I've been wearing dresses pretty much CONSTANTLY for about 18 months now, I just can't seem to get enough of them as they are the easiest, most fuss free way of getting from naked to fully clothed in the mornings. With a dress the only decision you have to make is 'which one?' as opposed to trying to match tops to bottoms and all the coordination that involves.

But there's also something about a dress that can really make you love it. If it makes you feel good and you go on a few fabulous adventures together, you can really get attached.

I bought this silk kimono dress by Jaeger last year -infact maybe even the year before, I can't really remember as it seem's as if I've had it forever. It has performed like a real star, rising to almost any occasion -smart or casual- I have ever thrown at it, from a retirement party at super fancy-but-relaxed London restaurant, school parents evening (with Emma Hope trainers) to wearing it to work in the very rare hot day we have in London (with flowery flip flops).

It is made from really thick silk -which hardly creases -and is cut generously boxy so it is easy to wear and never makes you feel like you've eaten too much. The print -which I think is beautiful -and colour make it interesting and all it needs are nice shoes and you are way. I will probably cry when it eventually falls apart.

So what about you? do you have a favourite dress? we would really love to see it -even if it is falling apart from so much wearing, in fact those are the ones we want to see. Please send us pics! to [email protected]

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