We love: nail art

It's really easy as one gets older to get stuck in somewhat of a rut, regarding hair and make up. Its easy to stick to what you think suits you and what you feel comfortable with. But sometimes trying something new is liberating and can instantly transform your look. Having a teen daughter is great for keeping up with the latest make up trends and even if some of it is a bit over the top for an almost 50 something, it's fun to have a go (even if it's only in the privacy of my own home!!)

The latest big trend for cool London girls (and on the catwalks) is nail art. Wah nails in Dalston, East London is the place to get the latest nail designs and they have recently opened a salon in the Oxford Circus branch of Top Shop. Owner, Sharmadean Reid is a pioneer in nail art, she runs Wah online magazine, is also sportswear editor of Arena Homme Plus and is an all round East London hipster. 

Having witnessed a session at Wah, I did my usual 'I could do that' thing and went online an ordered a set of nail pens. The result was a full on nail studio in our kitchen and our very own set of designs. This made our house very popular with the teen girls in out neighbourhood!

If you have a teen girl in your family who is creative and keen on make up, order them a set from Amazon and I can guarantee you will be no 1, cool mum/auntie/Grandma/sister or friend.

Neutral nails
I also found a renewed interest in my own nails and after a fabulously pampering manicure at The Cowshed recently, I opted for the latest fashion shade for my nails, matt grey. Yes, I know it sounds horrible but trust me, its more of mushroom shade, quite pale and very flattering (honestly). The 'must have' shade of grey is from Chanel and therefore there is a waiting list for it. But there are lots of similar shades around, the nicest being from Opi.

We are not suggesting you go mad and have Union Jacks or strawberries but we love the idea of a little bit of fun on our nails, even if its just subtle new shade. Go on, give it a go!

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