Streetstyle: Italian older women

Stylish Italian older women
Both halves of the Womens Room have been traveling this week, Amanda on holiday, somewhere impossibly glamorous (Mustique, if you must know) and I have been in Milan at Saloni (formerly known as the Milan Furniture Fair). In between perusing amazing design and beautiful furniture I have been observing the older women of Milan and noticing how well they age. 

Despite the fact the Italian diet is based almost entirely on ingredients that most Americans and diet obsessed British women would run a mile from, they all seem impossibly thin, but still manage to have a healthy attitude to food and are not afraid to enjoy the odd glass of Pinot Grigio.

Ok, I admit I was hanging out with the beautiful people of the design world, but nonetheless, many of the ordinary older women I spotted seemed incredibly elegant and well put together. They favour simple shapes in classic colours, nothing too young or 'on trend', good quality accessories and their hair and make up is always 'done'.

They are also great at the mad older lady look, I spotted several slightly scary 70 somethings sporting slightly eccentric animal print outfits and crazy glasses, but annoyingly didn't have my camera to snap them.

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