Hot news from the beach: cowboy hats

Open weave cowboy hat new look

One half of TWR has been stranded on a beach this week and at the moment it looks as if it might be a while before we get off it and back to real life.

But ever vigilante, we bring you the trends as they happen and we can very confidently say that the hat that the beautiful people are wearing on the beach this year is a straw cowboy hat or stetson.

The first sighting of a cowboy hat occured on day one, when a simply gorgeous tall, skinny, tanned and topless lass walked passed us, wearing just small black bikini bottoms and a very smart, high sided black straw stetson. Teenagesons were agog and didn't quite know what to do with themselves. She made a terrific impact.

Second and third sightings were on the same beach two days later, when Mick Jagger and L'Wren Scott walked by wearing matching natural straw high sided ones, surely a trend confirmed?

(Can we just say that some people are just too tall, thin and long-of-limb to be of this world? Ms Scott is one of those people who DOES NOT come from the same planet as me, or anyone I know, she is exquiste, although very clearly Jerry Hall with dark hair…..)

Coincidently, when shopping with TWR reader Lorna recently in New Look's new London flagship we spotted a gold cowboy hat in open weave straw that looked very dashing, so much so that we tried it on and very nearly bought it. At £10 it was probably quite a lot cheaper than either of the ones we saw on the beach, but since it would probably end up getting dunked in the sea or used as a goalpost for tenagesons beach footie, the price/style equation sounds about right.

The hats on the beach were a little more high sided than this, more like the tee shirt graphic in the picture below. so a styling tip from the beautiful people seems to be 'keep your sides high'. You heard it here first.

PS, Ms Scott -for those that are interested- was also wearing a shirt-style short kaftan in almost neon bright fuchsia pink over a white bikini.  She looked fab.

PPS, checking out Ms Scott's Net-a-Porter page, she sells a different style sunhat in her collection which so far has not been seen on the beach, we will keep you posted.

New look cowboy hat t shirt
Ignore the t shirt and look at the shape of the cowboy hat here….


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