Trend alert: Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants
So it seems everyone at Grazia has moved on from the the Whistles silk harem trouser to the cargo pant. (note, when talking about current fashion trends, one must always use the singular. As in, the orange tight, the wooden clog, the kick flare, etc etc). Damn, just when we thought we had worked out our key trouser shape for Spring/ Summer (also note, when talking seasons, one must use a slash, Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter) and were happily sporting a dropped crotch, along comes a new style. And as we all know if Grazia says it's a trend, it's going to be massive and cannot be ignored.

Not that we slavishly follow fashion or advise you to do the same, but sometimes we have to be trend aware, just in case we spot the perfect age appropriate (or inappropriate, depending on your preferred style) version. 

Grazia think the slim fit, low slung, copped J Brand Houlihan trousers (from Net-a-Porter) are the ultimate cargo pant and everyone in their office is apparently wearing them. But they look a little tight to us and at £245 a pop, we won't be rushing out to buy them. 

We have no doubt there will be lots of cheaper, slightly more forgiving versions of this 'must have' trouser, emerging over the coming weeks, and so far we are loving the easy to wear, slightly more flattering, cropped pair from Gap, and the sophisticated version from ASOS.

In the mean time we will be sticking to our harems and updating you soon on the next big trend to hit the streets. It's all about the mid calf length skirt. Don't even go there!!!

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