The perfect sun hat from La Chapellerie Ganterie

Summer hat rolled up  Summer hat as worn

While in Nice last week we found this clever and stylish sun hat design by La Chapellerie Ganterie. We talked about smart hats before, but sun hats are a different beast. 

This one is genius for two reasons; 1) It rolls up! taking up no room in your suitcase and saving itself from damage at the same time. 2) It has a velcro attachment at the back which means if you have a weird shape or size of head (me) then it can be adjusted to fit. It's also a lovely shape (the bow goes at the back) and can guarantee glamour around the pool while safely reading without glare due to its shadowy brim. The blondes amongst us around the pool appreciated the lack of crown -it helped improve the highlights!

The hat comes from La Chapellerie, which has shops in Nice and Marseille and also has a website La Chapellerie Ganterie . The site doesn't seem to sell online but invites you to either call or fax in an order, or email [email protected]. Our hat cost 29 Euros, about £29 at the current tragically low exchange rate. 

PS Shopping in Topshop in Westfields yesterday, we spotted a quite nice version of this sunhat , doesn't have the clever back fastening and roll-upableness, but nicely floppy and tres chic.

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