Top knots: Hair do or don’t?

Top knot
The top knot has been on our radar for some time now, because as you know we like to think we are at the cutting edge of fashion and beauty. But if we’re honest, we have been watching the young cool girls at work sporting jaunty buns and wondering whether it could potentially be a good look for the over 40’s. You know us, we love a new trend but never want to look like we are trying too hard!

Middleagedad often doesn’t understand some of the looks I like to try and has been know to make witty, slightly sarcastic (make that very sarcastic) comments when faced with a new trend. He is fond of asking if I will be writing out many parking tickets, when I am wearing all black, with mens brogues, or asking if I have many dental appointments, when wearing a white dress and white shoes. Very droll.

So the other morning, when I emerge sporting a jaunty top knot, he predictably asks me, ‘how clean is your house’? Ignoring his hilarious (if you are 9) comments, I set off for the day feeling 60% Aggie Woodburn, 35% our next door neighbour in the late 60’s and 5% Chloe Sevigny. But not one to be put off by the opinions of men, (what do they know about fashion?) I carry on regardless.

Half way through the day, I notice that an ‘up do’ isn’t such a great idea, if you need your roots dyed, and I seem to have a rather hideous salt and pepper look going on. Best not to look in the mirror too much, it only makes you vain (or so I tell teen daughter on a regular basis).

I end my day with a few after work drinks with friends and arrive home, having not looked in the mirror for a couple of hours and find myself faced with Helen Bonham Carter, well actually her mother – in a Tim Burton film –  on a bad day.

Thats the problem with some fashion looks, they are far too high maintenance and require hours of attention and quite frankly I have a life, job, kids and anyway I am far too intelligent to worry about such trivia – yeh right – till the next time!

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