Outfit of the day #5 from TK Maxx

tk maxx stevie nicks

Tonight I’m going to see Fleetwood Mac live at the O2 (please, please, please let Christine McVie play again tonight…) so it’s only correct that today’s outfit is a Stevie Nicks inspired pick of wafty, black floral lace with bell sleeves, (34.99). Worn with a long black tasselled chiffon scarf and a lot of nostalgia. Anyone else going to be humming the whole of Rumours all day?

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  • Marv says:

    As you know Fleetwood Mac do nothing for me AT ALL but I hope you have a good time. I, meanwhile, am quite beside myself at having bought tickets for Marianne Faithfull at the RFH this morning for NEXT November.

    Enjoy your Hippy evening! x x

  • Amanda says:

    ‘You can go your own waaaaaay!’ Axx

  • Monix says:

    Amanda – are you a teensy, weensy bit overexcited? No – maybe just a little?
    What with that dress…and the jeans a few days ago can I just suggest a little lie-down before you go out?

    M x (“Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone. Why not think about times to come,
    And not about the things that you’ve done…”)

  • Amanda says:

    definitely over excited, but unrepentant. And having now been to see Stevie (THAT CLOSE!) last night I can feel justified in a small amount of quiet, chiffon-patchy-hippy love. She had a chiffon scarf and string of diamante gems adorning her microphone….and sang like a life-worn angel. A

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