We love: Bompass and Parr

Bompass and Parr
Bompass and Parr design spectacular food experiences, often on a grand scale, using cutting edge technology. Previous projects include Black Banquet, a monochromatic feast for the London Design Festival, where they served eight courses of black food, and Alcoholic Architecture, a walk in cocktail where visitors had to wear protective suits before entering a mist of vaporised gin and tonic, which they then inhaled.

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Known as the Jelly Mongers, as they also create specially commissioned bespoke jelly moulds for events and have recently published a book, exploring the history of jelly and the science of how to make the perfect jelly, using the best ingredients and moulding techniques.

This month Bompass and Parr are to host a new event, The Complete History of Food. The exciting walk through dining experience is a multi course meal exploring key eras in food, such as renaissance, Victorian and contemporary. Their website says 'think flooded dining rooms, giant sugar sculptures, Iganodon diners and food that responds to your brain waves.'

If you are a foodie who likes to experiment and enjoys an interactive experience, then this is for you.
Tickets are £25 and includes the meal and four cocktails. There are some still still available and it runs from the 14th until the 18th of July.

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