See this: Eat Pray Love

Sometimes we have to admit to feeling a little like running away. Maybe it's a mid life crisis or a need to escape the stresses of work/family life/relationships and parenting teens, or simply just a desire to remember what it's like to be selfish.
Imagine doing just that and then writing a best seller about it – it works on every level!!

Eat, Pray, Love; One Woman's Search for Everything is a best selling book documenting Elizabeth Gilbert's quest to find herself, on a trip around the world, after her divorce. She spent four months in Italy, eating and enjoying life, another four months in India, discovering her spiritual side, and the end of the trip in Bali, where she found love.

Her book has been branded 'Priv-lit' by feminist magazine Bitch, but still remained on the New York Times best seller list for months. Her website looks a bit too 'self help' for us, but the book is on our summer reading list. Or maybe we will just see the film, which is out on September the 24th. It does star Javier Bardem after all, one of our favourite middleaged crushes!

Or if you don't fancy the book or the film, you can always try the new range of perfumes from Fresh, based on the three themes. 

'Eat' allegedly captures the scents of Italy, with undertones of lemon, basil, bergamont, plum, caramel, meringue and vanilla. 'Pray' evokes spirituality with incense, patchouli, amber and musk, while 'Love' embodies the writers time in Bali, with notes of Jasmin, Sandalwood, and mango blossom. They will be available to buy next month.

Is this brand extension gone mad, or just a nice idea? We'll have to try out the fragrances and we'll let you know!

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