TWR beauty: Miller Harris- good enough for the White House

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Just before our holiday, I went to the Miller Harris press launch of its Christmas gift ideas and while we have been away the brand has hit the headlines because Samantha Cameron gave the Obamas a few of the scented candles as a Thanks For Having Us present on her family's first trip to see them. I thought it was getting a bit predictable to give scented candles as a house gift, but clearly not. And everyone loves a really good scented candle I guess.

We like Miller Harris because it's owned and run by a skilled enthusiast, Lyn Harris, who is still busy creating lovely smells from her laboratory in the basement of the Notting Hill shop. Why buy big brand smells when artisans like Lyn produce such individual and interesting ones? 

All Miller Harris perfumes are lovely but I was really taken with L'Air de Rein which was developed as a bespoke perfume for Jane Birkin, of all people. It's apparently one of the best sellers and features amber, vanilla, neroli and oak moss. Miss Birkin did the doodle-y designs for the bottles and packaging herself and was quite picky about getting the smell just right. Well I guess since it might end up in The White House then you can never be too careful. 

BTW perfume lovers should check out the terrific Miller Harris blog and follow the perfume harvest in Grasse, France through the wonderful photos and watch out in September for the launch of the new wallpaper collection.

Miller Harris

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