Pearl Lowe at Peacocks: more 40plus designing

Pearl lowe

Ok, so Pearl Lowe might not be your idea of a style icon for the over 40s (perhaps a bit too old rock chick hanging on to an moment in time that has gone, Pearl?) but all credit to her for hitching up with value retailer Peacocks to produce a range focussed on us older gals. Although we are not wild about celebs cashing in on being 'designers', Pearl has been designing curtains and clothes since 2001, so we presume she at least knows how to sew.

Some our coverage features clothes that are pricey, mostly because we balk at yucky cheap fabrics, bad production and throw away design, we have been there, done that and thrown the shrunk/grey/over-the-trend T shirt in the bin. But budgets are tightening, there's less free cash around.

We also love Peacocks for its spread across the country to small towns where mightier retailers have failed to venture. For TWR readers Emily and Lindsey, living in the depths of Wales, Peacocks is a fashion highlight on an otherwise bleak high street. I can only hope the depths of Wales is ready for Pearl's leopard print shift with corsage (£35) or purple chiffon frill dress (£35).

Peacock's tells us that the autumn collection, which launched last Sunday, is selling well, in fact sales to 40+ women are up 50% on last year for the range (this is Pearl's fourth season with the retailer) and the vintage inspired dress (worn by Pearl above) has been popular. Apparently it's the longer hem lengths, sleeve lengths and mature silhouettes that appeal to customers, take a look at the range on the website and see if you agree…….

Why then is Peacocks showing the dress on Pearl's daughter Daisy on the website? We are confused by this, as it looks just as good on Pearl, and if its aimed at us, why not stick with Pearl? Is that a confused message, or what?

Blimey, all this attention for us over 40s, we'll be spoilt for choice soon……..

Peacock's Pearl Lowe range can be viewed here, what do you think?

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