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More bikes! But this time organised by the nice people at Timberland, who got REALLY lucky with the weather last week when they organised a glorious cycle trip down the Regent's Canal in London without it raining. It must have something to do with the company's sustainable credentials, all that Good Earth karma = sunshine.

The purpose of the ride was to get to lunch (The Waterhouse Restaurant in Dalston), where can I just say us (slightly) older gals looked considerably more stable on our machines than some of the younger ones.

Surrounding us as we scoffed down delicious grub was Timberland's Summer 2010 range (fashion moves on weird timings, we're all just moving into summer at work as we just move into winter in real life), which was exciting due to the waterproof Under Canvas range. 

It's exciting mostly because we can say the shoe are made from Bionic Canvas and Ion-Mask technology (by P2i) which sounds like we understand science, which we do not. Basically it means you can pour water (or indeed immerse your bionic canvas clad feet in a muddy puddle) and the water runs right off, doesn't even leave a mark. So when cycling around London, Wales or anywhere prone to puddles, it means you can wear nice shoes and still look smart when you arrive.

The shoes and boots in this range are cracking, sadly they don't hit the stores until spring, but that's something to look forward to, see our pictures below. If you need a distraction, take a look at the Madison Heights boots, nice eh? and I'm loving these…but red? crazy right?

Tap water poured over the canvas boot didn't leave any mark, rolled right off.

Timberland water on shoe after 
See? nothing, clever stuff.

Timberland shoe display 
And there are some cool designs too.

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