Chic cycling in Lucca, Italy

Bikes 01

Everyone cycles in the walled city of Lucca, in Tuscany, young and old go about about their daily business on two wheels rather than four. Italian women are so chic, even when bombing around on bikes, I've been trying to analyse the essence of what they do so well,

I think it's a combination of: great hair, great sunglasses, good shoes, a tan and sprinkle of glamourous jewellery. A great bike and a phone are also helpful. Here are some of the ladies I've seen today…..

Bikes 02
Love her modern take on pearls and the bag you can just see the handles of is a Louis Vuitton. 

Bikes 03 

Again great accessories, love the 'done' hair and the shot of colour from the bag
Bikes 04 

Who says older women can't do ruffled tiers and lace? 
Bikes 05 

Lots of this neat-fit white shirt and slim skirt around, it helps if you've got a tan of course….
Bikes 06 

Heels with a bike? Why not….
Bikes 07 

Slightly out of focus, but I loved the way she's used the pea green shoes
Bikes 08
Great hair (lots of this 'big do' around) and bag and EVERYONE is always on the phone. 


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