We love: vintage ladies at Hammersmith fair


This Sunday we shunned the beautiful sunshine and spent nearly the entire day tucked away inside Hammersmith Town Hall, rummaging through racks of vintage clothes at the London Vintage Fair. organised by P&A Fairs. It's a great event, I love it because it seems a little calmer and better edited than some vintage fairs. The quality of stock on offer is high and (mostly) carefully presented with informed and interested stalls holders (although there was one slightly insane and grumpy one to add a bit of excitement).

Prices are good, we picked up some real bargains as well as spending more than intended on impulse buys. I bought a Donna Karan black cashmere knitted dress in mint condition for £35, and a really gorgeous fur collared jacket (above) made from scrunched and wrinkled up ribbon fabric for £275, which will be my dressing up jacket for the season, I thought it very Prada-last-winter, what do you think? ( I'm not too concerned about being a year behind and does anyone know what the fabric is called?)

One of the really fun things about the fair is the people- both customers and stall holders, they are fashion lovers every one. As we visited each stall, most of the owners were busy trying and buying stock from other stall holders, clearly all their profits get recycled into their own wardrobes. One very passionate lady battled with paying off her car this month or buying the 60s grosgrain swing coat she was reluctant to let go of from her friend's stall.

The customers are often stylishly dressed, there are often a few fashion editor celebrities elbowing in for the best deals (Lucinda Chambers from UK Vogue is often spotted here). After a reviving cup of tea and slice of bakewell tart we snapped a few of them, but we were a little slow in getting started, so next time we will start earlier and get a few more. 

The next fair is a vintage bridal event at the Olympia Hotel on October 3rd, although there will be some non bridal vintage, but the next Hammersmith one is on Sunday October 10th. Admission is £5 (£10 if you are an early bird…8.00am – 10.00am). Dress up please and we'll try and TWR Pap you.

Details here

Purple dress lady

The magenta pink parka came from Kookai in Paris, the dress from Italy. It;s difficult to see here but her hair was beautifully curled into the nape of her neck.

Lady holding green cape 
Beautiful accessories and jewellery really made this outfit, she had great deportment too.

Lepoardskin lady 

Terrific use of mixed animal prints on chiffon with that scarlet rose to add contrast.
Ladies together 

These ladies oozed glamour and poise with their great jewels and lovely colour combos

Lady with black hat 

The hat, the textures, the prints…and she carried it off with incredible nonchalance and style.

Hat close up

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