Gold hooped earrings and sheep at Wool Week

Tom binns earrings

I have long wanted a pair of classic gold hooped earrings. I used to have a sweet pair that were my first ever earrings, the ones I had when my ears were first pierced, but they have long been lost. I really love the look of big hoops, but was worried about going too The Only Way Is Essex. It has been surprisingly time consuming finding the perfect ones. I don't like the giant ones which look like they might catch in everything, and I don't want half a ton of dangly things hanging off them either. 

I think these Tom Binns ones are gorgeous and have a much more interesting attitude, what with the extra curly bit and the varying thickness of the hoop. I bought them from Dover Street Market this morning after a bit of research and I think they will go with everything (£140, there's a slightly larger pair for £180). 

Shortly after purchasing I wandered through Savile Row where there were herds of sheep in the road….No, this was not hallucination through overspend but the start of Wool Week. Expect more sheep everywhere (yellow ones outside Selfridges yesterday apparently) and check out Jaeger Regent St for its wool exhibition and Jigsaw for knitting lessons. This picture is from tailor Richard James's blog, who did nice windows to compliment too. Not quite as exciting as buying earrings though.


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