Reader testing: we need you, ladies!

Tv illustration

No, this isn’t the Pure Line from Panasonic, I can’t get the picture of that to work this morning so we’ve got this lovely retro one instead until I can sort it out….

To start the week on a jolly note, we have a TV for someone to test drive.

The nice people at Panasonic want to know what we think of the new Pure Line range of TVs they have produced which are aimed at the design conscious home. As far as we can see it still looks like a TV to us from the picture, but that’s where you come in, dear readers, as this is a test job for you.

We have such witty and clever posts left on the blog, we think some of you are budding guest TWR bloggers, and lets face it, you’re a pretty informed and opinionated bunch who are often much funnier than us . Jane and I have been waffling on for two years now on TWR and we think it’s about time we gave our fabulously loyal readers a chance to give us their opinions on stuff we like.

So if you live in the UK, you might like this. Panasonic have agreed to lend one of our readers a new TV for two weeks. They will deliver it to anywhere in the UK and although they can’t send an electrician to fit it (it should be pretty easy to plug in and go anyway) they will have a telephone helper to talk you through any problems you might have.

In return we will ask you to write an email to us telling us how it went. Don’t worry if you aren’t a confident writer, we will edit what you write and ask you prompt questions to get you started….you can even talk about it over the phone to Jane or I if you find that easier, we really just want to know what you think.

In our house it is very much middleagedad and teenagesons who buy (and have opinions on) the electrical goods, so I think it could be very interesting to get a woman’s view on what a good TV needs  to be about. And we’re pretty sure you have some good views…..

Fancy a smart new TV for a fortnight? leave a comment below letting us know you’re interested and we’ll pick the best comment by the end of the week.


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  • Cath Joyce says:

    I would love to try a new TV as it would mean that I would be in control of the TV for once. Our TV’s seem to be permanently stuck on the Dave channel so if I had my own I could actually watch TV for a change!

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