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Satchel from mimi

Neither Jane nor I are blingy bag fans, we both favour the understated loveliness of Ally Capellino and Jas MB. I am a huge fan of satchels, with those pockety compartments and that sturdy structure, not to mention the essential over-the-body strap. I love the simple satchels I've seen in Labour and Wait and Toast but they aren't quite beautiful enough, the leather is a bit hard and they aren't big enough to carry my big old SLR camera and other junk. 

So after much research I was super excited to find the PERFECT satchel at Mimi in Cheshire Street, E1. Before we go any further I need to mention it was costly, £230, but it is worth every darn penny in my opinion. The leather is thick and soft with a creamy toasty smell to it, which makes rumaging around in it a joy. The over-the-body and buckle straps are double layered and strong, the inside seams are wrapped in a tough grosgrain tape and the brass hardware (buckles and rivets) are satisfyingly chunky. I am in love with it. 

It  is called the Elsie and comes in a jaunty red, mustard, classic black or brown. I know I'll have this bag for ever and I think the surface patina on all the colours after a few years will be gorgeous, but I went for the brown. I notice that it is £250 on the website, I assume the price difference is because I bought it at the store. It's my early Christmas present to myself, sort of compensation for having to go through all that bother of buying everyone else's presents. That's my excuse anyway.


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