What’s not to love? The Dyson dog hoover

A new puppy is the perfect excuse to enter a whole new world of shopping opportunities. Teen daughter and I have been prowling the pet shops of North and East London in search of the perfect collar, which we finally found in Primrose Hill (obviously). MAD and teen son are not quite convinced by the beautiful baby blue, diamante studded, natty little number we chose, and son has flatly refused to walk the dog ever again, if teen daughter buys him a jumper (the dog that is!) for Christmas!

I have had many conversations in the park with my new dog friends, about products guaranteed to help train/feed/style and clean my little darling. I met a lovely (gay?) man the other day who informed me that Paul Mitchell do a dog shampoo. Which indeed they do, its called Jean Paul pet and you can find it here. I love the variety of pet shopping websites and have spent far too much time browsing sites with fabulous names like Petcrazee, Waglife and Muddypaws.

This week MAD sent me an email titled ‘Your Christmas present’, which contained a link to quite the most fabulous dog product I have ever seen.  The Dyson groom tool is an attachment for your Dyson hoover which untangles and cleans your dogs coat, then sucks all the hair away.

How truly fabulous! But I’m not sure I want it for Christmas!

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