When trends go wrong……

Lumberjack shirts better
……and you end up with a lot of the same thing.

Amanda's teenagesons used to love a lumberjack shirt, I reckon all three of them were buying into the trend for about 18 months, consequently when I took stock of them all this weekend I discovered we had 14 shirts.

Most of them were bought second hand at Rokit in Covent Garden (Woolrich, Pendleton and Supreme brands, all for about £10 ish) but we've also got Uniqlo and American Eagle. 

When I questioned them about the amount they had (always dangerous as they know the size of my wardrobe and I am completely without defense when it comes to the 'do you need quite so many?' argument) they said that for a while, lumberjack shirts were pretty much all you could buy if you were a boy. When I was in Westfield recently I did think that there really isn't much other than checked shirts out there for blokes currently. 

They are now a bit too too 'Jack Wills' for comfort, hence me being able to do a quick photo shoot of all of them after a mammoth wash and iron session. Apparently they have 'moved on' to Fred Perry polos (or affordable equivalent), Uniqlo fine cord shirts and plain knit, round neck jumpers worn with simple Ts underneath. Anyone want to make me an offer for 14 shirts? 

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