Shopping with experts: Denham’s victorian jacket


I love this Camino jacket by Amsterdam based Denham the Jeanmaker, a brand fast becoming a new favourite. Part biker jacket, part Downton Abbey maid, when the picture arrived in my email I was instantly smitten, and then I read the details, which describe how it’s made from ‘vintage French linen together with laundry-bag damask. Traditional elements, boning, hook and eye closures and webbing create a unique feminine fit’. The words vintage, linen and damask all in one sentance had me pretty much hooked.

I nipped into the Denham store, over by Old Street, a week or so ago to look at it close up and it really is beautiful. I loved it’s romantic Victorian styling and worn with a soft oversized/distressed white shirt or T shirt underneath and over jeans, it would make a lovely summer outfit. it’s £339.

The Denham store is a treasure too, with an edited range of grown up denim for men and women, including some lovely jersey jackets for middleagedad (altho not in anyway middleaged themselves, if you get me) and grown up funky jeans, including a summer short length dropped crotch styIe I liked the look of…I know, sounds madness doesn’t it? but somehow it looked a very wearable shape when given the Denham stamp. Definitely worth a visit if you are thinking of updating your casual clothes any time soon. Take a look at the inspirational garment library section of the website if you are a vintage or denim fan.

Denham online although sadly as yet there is no web store. Visit the store Charlotte Road store in EC2 instead, it’s lovely and the service is a delight. Or check where your nearest stockist is.

Denham jacket

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