Coloured trousers: at any age

Coloured trousers
We have been banging on about coloured trousers for a while now and I have been loving wearing my bright pink Acne ones and ancient red Zara pair (sometimes it does pay to hang onto things for a while). Amanda is about to buy some and we have been discussing where to get them. We both agreed we didn't want to spend lots of money, as they are a fashion trend and we may not want to wear them next season.

But after spotting this fabulous older woman in Marylebone Station last week (Marylebone is a great place for spotting older stylish 'ladies') we have changed our minds. I have no idea where she got her trousers from as I didn't have time to stop her and chat, but they were very bright and looked new and I suspect she had absolutely no idea she was bang on trend (or 'on point' as the teens say) and cared not a jot about seasonal fashion. She had simply thought 'what a lovely bright colour', I am going to team them with my cream Pringle sweater and favourite Jaegar blazer.

Perhaps thats the secret of wearing fashion trends as one gets older, only buy them if they sit with the rest of your wardronbe, then maybe you don't have to discard them after a couple of seasons. We suspect 'Lady Witherington Smythe of Marylebone' will be wearing these for a very  long time.

If you fancy giving coloured bottoms a go, the best ones are to be found at Zara

We love the skinny stretch jeans at £35.99 and slightly smarter straight trousers below, also at £35.99. They'll look great with that 'on trend' camel top, you bought last season.

They also have some lovely silk printed tunics, which they call dresses, but we would wear them over trousers.



  • Becky says:

    I love, love, love the coloured trousers trend this season – I already have two pairs of red trousers. I popped to our local Zara the other day and my mouth watered as soon as I entered the place, it was full of fabulous colour. However the high did not last long as I took a gorgeous pair of purple trousers to the changing room in a size L, the biggest they had and I could hardly get them over my thighs – I am a size 14, mostly, but these trousers were so small it was crazy – I thought that maybe it was just me so I spoke to a good friend of mine who is a size 10 and she said she has the same trouble in there – trousers so small in the leg you just can't get them on – I can only assume that they are cutting their trousers for the stick thin adolescents that seem to be all over Europe at the moment – I was very disappointed !

  • Jane says:

    Oh what a shame Becky, I'd let Zara know about this. They need to appeal to all ages and sizes and a lot of the styles they have this season do. But no point if they don't actually fit!

    J x

  • Dot says:

    Love the trend, and the colors- but doesn't the poor fit at the crotch bother you?

  • jane says:

    Now that you come to mention it Dot they do look a bit weird on theses images. But seem to be ok when they are on a body.

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