We love: Hooked on houses

We love looking round other people houses, and I always say, I only joined a book group to see the other womens houses (sorry ladies, no offence!). I also love looking at Estate agents website, either nosing around local houses or fantasising about my perfect home in the country/New York/Spain etc etc.

WR reader Debora reminded me the other day about the great blog, Hooked on Houses. Written by Julia, a freelance writer who is obsessed with houses and pop culture, the blog features fabulous and hideous images from real estate listings (don't you just love the living room stuffed with bears!), celebrity homes and houses from TV programmes and movies. I was delighted to see she recently featured the houses from the teen and I's all time favourite girly Christmas film, The Holiday.

Be warned though, do not look at this blog if you have lots to do, as you could be some time.

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