Readers’ reviews: Panasonic’s telly by Sue

Do you remember when we asked you all if anyone wanted to test Panasonic's new Pure Line TV and Sue's comments won you all over ?…we even had poetry. Well Sue has completed the testing and her review is below. We had no idea when we picked Sue (well you picked her really) she was such a good writer, she's is a hard working English teacher at a boys grammar school in Kent, so we are really grateful to her for both testing and writing about her experience…so Sue, what was the Pure Line TV from Panasonic actually like?

"Years of insisting that I only watched the nature programmes (interspersed with millions of hours of every reality/home/cookery/corset and bonnet extravaganza/iconic UK and US drama and comedy series, of course) meant I had never actually bought my own television. Instead, I enjoyed the fruits of the ‘home entertainment’ industry by relieving every friend who ever upgraded, of their unwanted set.

When my favourite blog, The Women’s Room ( yeah! thank you! ed), offered a spanking new set on trial my teenage and twentysomething daughters demanded I ask/beg for the chance to test drive it. If the chic on-trend, ‘forever 30s/40s/50s’ were interested in State of the Art High Definition, then surely I should be too?

Always inclined to follow up the rear (I’ve always been a series late… Thirtysomething, The West Wing, The Sopranos and even Mad Men had to bed well in before I was truly hooked) I have to admit that the simplest elements of owning a really good TV are the best. Unclunky remotes that don’t have to be inches away from the screen to work, pitch perfect diction , buzz and low level hum free, instantly and effortlessly responsive to channel changes (oh and I can hop and surf!) and simply the most beautiful, sharp pictures. 

To the converted who are scoffing at my childish delight at finally enjoying decent electrical equipment, your words are drowned out by my own 3 daughters “We told you that we should have got a decent set, like…a hundred years ago”.

There is pretty ropey snap of our new baby above, (anyone out there keen to convince me that a new camera might be in order? My Box Brownie is not easy to slip in a pocket…) typically for this time of year, parked next to the tree! We hope to keep the set over Christmas so we can ‘channel’ the Royle family in style – let’s see the man from Panasonic wrestle it from my girls’ grasp- before a New Year trip to John Lewis's electrical department.

Thank you, The Women’s Room, Jamie (who organised everything from Panasonic) and the lovely ladies who blogged and felt I deserved this glimpse into the more stylish world of up-market couch potato-dom. Watching Gillian, Shaun and Stacey et al in all their critter munching best was a sight I will truly never forget."

Thanks Sue,  and you can buy the Pure Line Panasonic from a number of retailers, try Hyperfi or The Electric Shop for some of the best prices.

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