Christmas greetings: The Knitted Nativity

Having shopped the glossy shiny-ness of all the big London stores for the past couple of weeks, it was a real joy to spot this home-knitted and utterly charming nativity scene in our local knitting shop in Barnes.Sadly the woolly team were not for sale because they make an appearance in the shop window annually. Come New Year's Day they are boxed up and put in mothballs until next year. There's something reassuringly reliable about Christmas decorations and props that come out every year to act as festive supports. The home made, non-blingy ones are definitely the best, I only wish my knitting skills were up to reproducing this sweet collection.

Talking about much loved regulars that make annual festive appearances, both Jane and I are at home this Christmas, surrounded by our relatives, who we will dearly love until about 1.00pm. Then, after we've had a couple of glasses of champagne and they've offered advice from the sidelines after things get a bit behind with the turkey, we'll be looking forward to saying goodbye to them and curling up on the sofa to watch (all new!) Poirot….

But, dear readers of TWR, where ever you are, who ever you are with and what ever you are doing this yuletide, we wish you the happiest and most peaceful of times. May your turkeys/nut roasts all be golden and tasty and your nearest and dearest sparkle with humour and good health. And most of all we hope you make it through to the end of the day without wishing to murder too many of them. 

Happy holidays all! with much love 

Jane and Amanda

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