We love: Nice changing rooms (in White Stuff, Edinburgh)

White stuff 2

These are the entrances to the changing rooms of the new White Stuff store in Edinburgh, how cute are they? Designed by architects AMD, the vintage wardrobe exteriors are the doors and have an Alice-in-Wonderland feel to them. Once inside they are spacious and comfy and every one is different in style. Regular TWR readers may remember Jane's entertaining rant on changing room inefficiencies and we do get REALLY cross when people try to cram us into rubbish changing rooms, but these look really fun.

White stuff

The new White Stuff Emporium has just opened on Edinburgh's George Street and although we haven't been there yet, it does sound good. The retailer has taken over an old ironmongery store and invested in refurbishing the original staircase and ceiling details then stuffed it full of nice props. Sounds our sort of place really, although I haven't bought anything from White Stuff for some years.

We like these lovely framed pictures going up the stairs too, reminds us of something…hmmm, where have we seen that before? Oh yes, here!.
White stuff1
photos via VMSD

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