What we love from the Pre Fall Collections

Jil SanderJil Sander – all images from Style.com 

Pre-fall and cruise collections are becoming bigger and bigger every season, with the gap between seasons narrowing to the point where we think that perhaps the designers should give up on seasons altogether and simply present capsule collections every few months, a bit like the high street.

There also used to be time lapse between the fashion editors and the buying public seeing the catwalk collections, but the internet has put paid to any thoughts that the shows are only for a privileged few. Bloggers and fashion editors are tweeting images almost live from the shows and posting catwalk reviews days later. Brands such as Burberry have gone a stage further and live stream their shows online for all to see, creating immediate waiting lists, months before the merchandise is due to hit the shops.

We would like to see a change in the way the shows work as we feel the the mystery and excitement of a new season is almost over before it starts. Perhaps the way forward is to either keep the whole thing super exclusive as Tom Ford did recently, or live stream capsule collections regularly and make them instantly available to buy. Imagine if you could watch the show online, and click to buy. I'd have got totally carried away with the Jil Sander S/S collection and bankrupted myself buying bright pink trousers!! 

Either way this would eliminate the copying culture that is blighting creativity and means high street shops can create almost identical versions of designer collections, almost before the designers themselves are retailing them. If you are in the fashion industry (or not), what do you think?

Despite the desire to see a change in the way the industry works, as bloggers, we feel it's our job to bring you an overview of the pre-fall collections and highlight which ones will be influencing our clothing choices next (or even this) season. So here is our round up of what we loved.

Jil Sander created our favourite Spring Summer collection, featuring understated voluminous shapes in super bright colours. For pre-fall the house has returned to its trademark understated simplicity, with a collection of neutrals in pared down, masculine inspired shapes. We LOVE it and can just see the COS versions hanging in the shop. We are now on the hunt for a yellow leather bag!

DVF Diane Von Furstenberg

If you don't think you like emerald green and turquoise now, believe me in six months time you will have no choice, as the DVF collection will have a huge influence on colour for next Autumn. If you have bought camel and are feeling a little bit tired of it, hang onto it, as mixing it with amber, turq or emerald, is the way forward.

Cleine Celine

The fashion packs favourite brand Celine didn't disappoint and we love the narrow cropped trousers with kitten heels. The image in middle was my overall favourite look of all the pre-fall collections. Honestly people, pink trousers are the future!!


As is oxblood (I know – it's dark red, but its my job) and we loved it mixed with stark black and white. Dont you just want to own that updated tux?


Finally, we always adore Marni, for their clever colour palettes and amazing use of print and pattern, and this collection was no exception. Combining neutrals with brights and toffee tones is key for next season (sorry to sound all fashiony but it is key) and this is a lovely sophisticated way to do it.

Knitted leggings are also going to big, but we are SO not going there. 

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