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According to this month’s Selvedge magazine (issue 70), Broderie Anglaise actually originates in Eastern Europe, but it became associated with England because we Brits went a bit mad for it in the 1800s. Since then it has wafted in and out of fashion, having had another big moment in the 70s. Not surprisingly, since that is the decade du jour, it’s back again this season.

I am waiting to grow out of my Broderie Anglaise obsession, I started collecting bits of it – usually camisoles and nightdresses – back when I was a student, poking about Bath antique market looking for a bargain. I still love it although I’m now wary of a ‘cute frill’ (looking at you, pie-crust collar). I’m looking for a decidedly more grown up look to my broderie styling now, free of gathers, scallops and ruffled frills.

This navy shirt from The White Company at £79.00 is lovely, nicely grown up and even better in navy than in white, imho. It will slot right into my summer-one-day-winter-the-next wardrobe. There’s a broderie T shirt too, in both white or navy at £59.00, with a jersey back, which looks a good way to wear the fabric without feeling all ‘girly’.


Winser London has a lovely casual top at £59.00, which has slightly longer sleeves for a T, and a great dress with a jersey back and (as all good dresses should) pockets, at £89.00, which I am stalking. Doesn’t look like I’m growing out of this textile-love any time soon…..

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  • Sue says:

    The navy BA looks lovely. I am having a bit of a clothing crisis at the moment, and I find myself solving it at Winser All The Time. When you first started writing about them, I didn’t really get why everyone was so enthusiastic, but the stuff they sell is just so perfect & useful.

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